Saturday, March 6, 2010

Charity Rose

So, today, Charity Rose went to hospital. She's 9 months old. She was in a walker, scooting around the kitchen while her parents watched on. What they didn't realise, was that she could reach the benchtop from her new position. She grabed a knife.

Good parents. Supervising their child. And still, It happened.

Charity has to have surgery. They aren't sure of how she will recover. They aren't even sure if she will live through the surgery. Somehow, she managed to stab herself between two ribs, and into a lung and who knows what else.

Right now, she is very very unwell. She is critically ill. The police may press charges of negligence.

Although it's not the same thing this is why I hate baby walkers.

They are so damn dangerous! So dangerous in fact, that Canda has made them Illegal. Anyone found in posession of a baby walker is fined up to $100,000.

Charity might not live. We are praying that she does. But there is a very good chance, that tonight, her parents will lose their only daughter. The daughter they struggled to concieve for four years. The daughter who they have loved, and cherished every single day. Their daughter.

They will never forgive themselves. Even if the police don't press charges. They will never.forgive.themselves.

Please. Don't use walkers. Your child's life is far too valuable.

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