Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The entire weekend

was spent dodging torrential downpours.

Will it EVER stop raining over here?! Its been raining on and off sporadically for about a month now, and conisistently pouring for two days. Which is expected to continue for an entire.week.

Three days ago we had a Tsunami warning issued - complete with the very intelligent words from the BOM website - "do not go to the coast to watch the Tsunami". Thankyou so much, for assuming we're all morons! The Tsunami never eventuated, eventually they all just shook their heads, muttered about "safer than sorry" and very quietly cancelled the warning. Upgraded an hour later to "flooding and treacherous conditions expected". Because it wont stop bloody raining.

Somehow, Lucy managed to have the entire weekend without having a sleep. Which meant that by the time I came home from the hospital on Sunday night (more about that shortly), it was 9pm and she was zonked in the back seat of the car.

Matt woke her up for Kindy yesterday morning. It did not go well. She screamed blue murder, fell asleep on the toilet for a few seconds, then screamed more when she nearly fell in. (I admit I giggled.) She was just so tired she could barely stand up. I gave her the option of going to kindy, or going back to sleep in my bed. Twenty minutes later she was fast asleep next to me. We slept until just past 9.30 and then she was back napping in bed at 1.30. She fell asleep in the car when we ducked out to the shops last night and was back in bed by 6.30pm and slept the entire night. MUCH happier toddler this morning. She's gone off to kindy to play inside all day because it wont stop raining.

I am bitter about the rain. I'm royally sick of it. I'm quite litterally stuck at home in this weather - no car means public transport. FINE in FINE weather. This weather, well if you don't have webbed feet its not a good idea to venture out. Unless you want a cab. Which i do not.

I would like some sunshine. If someone could arrange that - it would be super.

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Mel said...

I'll swap ya. Cause I'm all about helping. You can come to work in my place deal with the crap here AND you get to spend the whole day with your husband.... And I'll stay at at your place for the day =) I'm up for it