Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sometimes I think,

I just can't get a break.

I'm back on antibiotics again. Despite healing incredibly well, and fast afer my c-section, it's become evident that somehow, an infection has managed to creep into my scar. It's not too painful, but the risk of additional trauma to my uterus is huge - so back to the drugs we go!

I can't believe that it's possible to get an infected scar nearly 9 weeks after the initial surgery!

Ohwell, if the drugs work, they might get rid of this persistant head cold i've been fighting off.


Woo Freaking Hoo.


Anonymous said...

:o( I got an infected scar site 8 weeks after having Leilani. It sucks. I also had the swine flu shot back in October - it's really not too bad though(and I'm a big chicken needle phobe! Lol!).
I hope it all picks up for you soon honey. Love you.
Chan. xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it has already been addressed, but just in case...

Is there any chance that any (internal) stitches did not properly dissolve? I had a similar experience after an abdominal surgery and they had to incise the scar and remove a three inch long piece of stitching that had become mightily infected.

(You obviously don't have to post this comment- I just wanted to pose the question, in case it offered any insight)

All the best, Tam. Your continued healing- mind, body and spirit- are at the top of my thoughts, always.