Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All hell broke loose.

My neighbour is crazy. No two ways about it. She's locally known as the "shrew" due to her constantly screaming at her daughter, and husband. The good news is she recently had a baby. The bad news is today I heard her screaming AT the baby.

It really upset me to hear someone yelling at a tiny baby like that. Swearing at a six week old child is completely unacceptable to me!  Well, I posted as my status on Facebook

"can hear her neighbour yelling at her kids, one of which is exactly the age Ariana should be. Lovely".

That was it. You would think I just declared world war three. I was going to  put the 47 comments here - yep, 47 comments. I even copied them since I deleted the thread - it was upsetting me and frankly it was making me want to yell at some people to wake up to themselves. Did you know there are people in this world who will openly JUSTIFY yelling and screaming and swearing at a baby "because they aren't coping?". Even after I pointed out that the child she was swearing at was SIX weeks old!

In my world children are protected from such atrocities. They are not sworn at by their parents. They are not abused. And when they are I sure as hell don't stand up for the parent!

I am so angry. Before I was upset, mainly at the neighbour. Now I am so angry that some people will protect an adult without so much as a second thought for the children. I'm a bad neighbour? Fine. I don't care about her, or myself. I care about the kids.

Unlike others.


Mum2Five said...

You were right in everything you said. And trust me you are not the only one that is angry. It was the first thing I heard when I walked on the door tonight. Not "hi honey. How was your day?" I heard "I take it you haven't seen what's on facebook. I think you better look NOW I don't think Tam is ok...."

you have a hell of alot of people agreeing with you honey. Don't let a few idiots that think they are the know it all of wisdom make you forget it. Remember your status yesterday!

You have every reason and right to worry about those kids. Do what you know in your heart is right or you will never forgive yourself.....

Love ya xo

Vivienne said...

I'd be thinking it's time for some of my 'friends' to be 'limited' in their access to my facebook account! Poor you!

Titanium said...

Screaming at kids is NOT okay. Screaming at infants is psychotic behavior and should be penalized.

People who defend abusive parents are likely holding a tattered quilt of lies in front of their own front door.

You weren't wrong to say it- perhaps next time, say it to the authorities and see if they can't enforce a little "time out" for the screaming mama. In some places, verbal abuse of an infant is considered WRONG enough to warrant at least a visit from social services.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tam

i got so mad at a couple of people on that thread, i was about to lose it completely when you deleted it - how dare they justify screaming at a six week old!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes we judge more and criticize more than we should. Sometimes we have too much self pity. Sometimes we talk too much, say too much, judge too much, have too much self inflection, that we miss really living and just appreciating life and living. Sometimes we are too forward, too blunt and too judgemental and sometimes in return all these things happen too us. Sometimes we assume and assumption is a terrible thing. When we remember to live life simply and remember that in this world we all try our best to live in a hard cruel world it becomes easier to be the best selfless self we can be. No one is innocent of doing something wrong but to error is a human feature.