Saturday, April 10, 2010

The one where I yell at an ambo..

Yeah. I am Classy.

But in my defence, he was a douchebag.

Seriously? If I call an ambulance, for my three year old daughter, It's because I think she needs to go to the hospital. Not to the GP. The GP can't do blood tests, the GP can't do Urine tests and the GP can't do a chest Xray. Which is what the 1300Health line told me she would need. Which is why they recommended getting her to hospital, immediately.

I did. Via ambulance.

Dear Mr Ambulance Man,

Your job, in case your unaware, is to respond to medical call outs. We did not call the emergency number, as it was not an emergency. But we still requested an ambulance transfer, and are quite within our rights to do so. Just because you think I am a young, stupid mother, doesn't give you the right to demand I see my GP, and act like a complete asshole the entire time you are in my presence. Yes, I am aware that by accepting our non-urgent transfer you had to by-pass a more serious case (truck fire), but, you know what? I live in a CITY.We have more than one ambulance, and there were others there. And contrary to what you think you know, You are not a doctor. You are also not at liberty to decide what I do, and Don't do with my daughter. So pull your arrogant head in.


I may have yelled, a little at the ambulance asshole. One guy was perfectly lovely, and quietly bit his tongue, and smiled while I went troppo. But seriously, the child was delusional. Telling me "its just a cold" probably isn't a good idea. Snorting when I tell you that, yes, Maybe I am over-reacting a bit, but I'm following the advice of trained medical professionals, and having lost a baby at the start of the year I am a tad over-emotional, Is a big mistake.

By the time I yelled " your bedside manner sucks! Now, would you just do your damn job, and drive this god damn ambulance", I think I was getting through to him..

Lucy is home now, and feeling much better. She is on continual doses of Demazin, Panadol, Nurofen and Cough Mixture, just to keep her home, and not in hospital. Whatever she has, is not a "cold". She's looking terrible, and feeling worse.

I feel sorry for the next person who gets that ambo - he should be sacked.


lailajt said...

it is sooooo scary when a child is ill..... and can't breath.
so, you are more than in your right mind to yelll and scream and kick when you are in fear for your child.
no one should burry a baby.
it sucks that we have had to do this.
i would do more than yell if it was my child.
i hope you both fell better soon and will continue ot prya for you all.

Heidi said...

You are hilarious. I know it wasn't funny at the time, and the ambulance drive was an ass, but the way you tell stories is so great - I was laughing out loud, and yes, he should be sacked.

Hope Lucy is doing better and feeling better.