Sunday, April 11, 2010

710 grams.

What does 710 grams mean to you? For most people, it's nothing. 710 grams is nothing, a small insiginificant number. Most of the time.

To one family, It's a miracle.

Meet Nico.

Nico arrived in this world at 24 weeks gestation, weighing 710 grams, in November 2009.  That is 16 very long weeks too early for such a precious person to be born.

Many, many times, Nico's life hung in the balance.

At ten weeks old, Nico should have still been "on the inside" for another six weeks. Instead, he had been in a NICU unit, recieving the best medical care, thanks to amazing doctors and nurses.

Those tiny fingers, were infinitley smaller, ten long weeks earlier when this miracle arrived in this world. It's impossible to imagine!

Nico's due date came, and Nico celebrated his 16 weeks birthday. Four months earlier, he was a tiny, 710 grams. Now Look at him!

At 18 weeks old, Nico was thriving, growing stronger and gaining weight. Through it all, his dedicated family have been by his side.

By 21 weeks, even the doctors were shaking their heads at this miracle baby. Nobody, ever, expected this. A near perfect baby.

Aside from his chronic lung disease, due to prematurity, and constant ventilation at such a young age - Nico has no medical complications. He can see, perfectly. His hearing is not affected. He is gaining weight, and doing all the things he should be, for his gestational age.

His family never once, gave up hope.

Their son, is proof, that God is amazing, and that he makes amazing doctors.

Love can be enough. Sometimes, It is all that you need.

Today, Nico is one day off being six months old.
For six months, his family has battled, they have prayed, they have cried and they have juggled. They have a two year old daughter, Nico's big sister. Her name is Brooklyn, and she is beautiful. Nico's mum Karin, has gone back to work. She juggles.

Brooklyn wants her baby brother to come home. She wants her family to be the all in the one place, under the one roof.

Pretty soon, she'll have her wish.

After all, Nico is just like his mummy and daddy, a fighter. Look how far he has come! The day they are all home together is approaching quickly. So keep them in your prayers - this has been a six month battle and it's not over yet.

And anytime you see someone collecting money for neonatal research - think of Nico. Think of Ellery. And think, that you just never know where you life will lead you, or what path you will take.

Donate to these charities, to these causes. Otherwise, Nico and Ellery, and thousands of other babies, will be lost. One day, you could find yourself walking this path. I did.

Babies are dying. Nico is a face of hope. Don't let him out of your memory - or others may suffer.

And there can be no greater tragedy than that.


Brian Miller said...

what a beautiful baby..and beautiful heart sings...

Heidi said...

Simply beautiful, Tam. I'm honored to have you as my friend.
Love, Heidi - Ellery's mom