Saturday, May 1, 2010

I have a new place to hang!!

I outgrew blogger. Or rather, blogger gave me the cranky-pants, so I bailed.

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All comments are over there too :) It's worth the visit, I promise :)


Anonymous said...

Well I am actually finding it hilarious probably more so then you...that you even have the time to write about something that clearly you have blown out of proportion. I am not going to defend anything I wrote because you will think what you like. And your the one I pity because your too judgemental, your too self centred. And not that it is any of your business I have only yelled at my child in situations of danger...but on your facebook I was merely commenting that some people do it out of frustration...and I havent experienced first hand being "thrown into the cot" it was a bloody comment maybe just maybe you need to learn to read what is written and no make it up to suit your little self...I used to think you were a nice enough person but it is true people's true colours shine through eventually and yours a very bright.It doesnt bother me that you deleted me from facebook because you werent even a friend I just simply added you coz if you remember you requested me and I went to school with you...thankfully you werent a friend because its not a loss at all...and sorry cant take credit of your other anon. friend...but obviously their views are similar to advice to you is dont be so quick to judge and perhaps learn to keep your indiscredtions to yourself, coz the bloody facebook think was just an opinion and wasnt even anything at least argue about something that is decent not so petty. And I think you need help perhaps to see someone for mental issues because your really not right in the head whether its you not coping and thats probably why all the negative comments but you do need help...Now I can go laugh this off...because it is the most drama and pathetic thing since probably high as im typing this you can imagine me shaking my head and laughing at your inmaturity!

Tam said...

I have a screen shot - perhaps you would like to see it? Of where your mother says (and I quote) "when Danielle was just a baby out of frustration and unable to deal with everything on my own I actually threw her in the cot and went down in the backyard and sat on a stump, and had a smoke".

Anything else you want to quibble over "anon"

Hope said...

Oh boy, you are like an STD, just go away will you ANON

for someone who deosnt care about being deleted, you sure are hanging around alot, and making your verbal dribble known, perhaps it'd make more sense coming out of your motuh instead of its current exit point of your arse....

seriously., you are a scumabg, hiding behind "anon"..just leave

Tam said...

and the word you are looking for? Is Immaturity. Not Inmaturity.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit what my mum wrote, at least you was honest, it was yet again merely a comment saying perhaps your neighbour wasnt coping....nothing wrong with her saying it...And many of time years hear its better sometimes to walk away, god you must be the neighbour from hell so get off your high horse...yay for you this is my last comment because I dont know what point your making... absolutely nothing wrong with my comments on facebook and who cares if I spelt it inmature instead of immature...sorry im typing in a hurry because I have better things to do.
Your friends seem as stupid as fucken who, no one cares! AND on that note seriously build a bridge and get the fuck over it...coz there are worse things in life! I wasnt the one who was "angry" :P
Now I can happily go on with my life knowing that I will ALWAYS be a better mother then you...and even better because I dont need help! So get over it!

Hope said...

Don't slam your massive illiterate arse in the door on the way out sweetheart..

see ya

Mum2Five said...

Oh "anon"...... If only you actually had ANY idea what you were talking about. I'm now the one sitting here laughing and shaking my head at you sweetness. In fact, I've turned off the TV because this is way more exciting.

So you've gone from saying that this person may have issues an need support to saying that having issues is pretty much a disgrace and and is in fact an issue in it's self. So who's the one with issues now? I think you're the one that needs to deal with unresolved issues honey and get some help instead of deflecting onto others.

I don't think you ever realised the premise of this blog. It is used, as the majority are, to get things of her chest. Things that once written, can help heal and move on.

If you never thought of Tam as a friend, why add her in the first place, comment on her status updates or follow her blog. Unless of course you were again deflecting?

You again have commented alot on situations you know nothing about. Tam's mothering skills are exceptional. Her and her husband are among the best parents I know. And I, unlike you, have the pleasure of experiancing this first hand on a regular basis. That is the reason they were chosen to be the god parents of our youngest child.

As a mother of five I believe I am one that has more than a bit of experience when it comes to parenting. So yes, before you comment again, I do know what I'm talking about.

So I agree whole heartedly with Hope, just leave.... Do everyone a favour.

If you really want to complain about a self-centred, negative blog...... READ MINE!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you hearts, sparkles, rainbows and sunshine =)