Monday, September 29, 2008

Somehow its happened

My little girl is growing up. We bought her a big bed last week. I figured a bit of retail therapy couldn't hurt me, so off we went to the bed shop. We were met at the door by a very nice man who proceeded to try and sell us everything under the sun.

And we bought - well just about everything under the sun. We walked in with the intention of getting a white girly bed frame, and a mattress.

WE LEFT with a white girly bed frame, a mattress, a queen size bed for us and a brand new mattress. A rail guard for Lucy's bed, sheets, blankets, doonahs and pillow cases.

We spent lots. Somehow retail therapy only works WHILE your acually spending, but it helped for the hour it took for us to spend everything in our bank account.

This is what we ended up with - Lucy's room only, its far to messy in ours to take photos!

Just checking out the new bed with the magna doodle - her favourite toy on this particular day

Only one fall out of the bed so far! And she sleeps so well in it so we're on a winner!

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