Friday, May 8, 2009

And i think to myself

what a wonderful WEEEEEEEK!!! (Sorry, just slaughtered a song there, i know its meant to be "world"). ahem.

I have had, a great week. Apart from a little hiccup at work at the beginning of the week where i had a migraine and my left wrist was so sore from RSI that i could barely type. Details Details.

Being home alone is great. I'm glad i don't live alone, or id probably never get out of bed apart from going to work. Its just to easy to be comfy and relaxed. I have nothing to do and its GREAT! I just woke up and hey presto the house is still spotless, as its been all week. I don't have to make anyone a snack. I don't have to change any nappies. I don't have to play with blocks or playdoh or even go outside if i don't want to. (In case you were wondering - I don't want to)

I still miss my family. But this week off thing is so incredible. Now i get why Matt likes travelling around for work, despite his protesting to the contrary.

Today i have a super exciting day of reading and sleeping ahead of me. I bought a new book last night, and can't wait to get stuck into it.

So off i go.

"what a wonderful weeeeek! " *cough cough*

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