Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Now there is something else to worry about...

The formatting sucks, it hasn't been well thought out but its raw and its copied direct from my facebook page. Its purely informative. More to come. xo

Firstly, to our family and friends who are praying for us, and thinking of us THANKYOU, and please keep doing so. Our situation at currents stands like this. Baby is anemic. For bean, this means that the blood flow too and from his/her vital organs is too fast, causing fluid build up around his/her lungs, and abdomen. THis is not a good sign, and it one that is likely, and able to get worse, and to get worse fast. The anemia can be caused by a few different things, most notably, a viral infection that somehow passed me, but has made bean sick, resulting in this, or a severe and as yet un-noticeable chromosonal abnormality (trisomy 13, 18 or Down Syndrome). If the baby is sick becuase of a virus, or from Down syndrome, in the very near future, he/she will need to have a blood transfusion. This carries significant risk for Bean, but also for myself. The risk to myself is not a concern to us, or me, at this point in time, we are only worried about Bean. Before we can have the blood transfusion done, there has to be an amniocentesis performed to figure out what exactly is causing Beans anemia. For those who dont know, an amniosentisis is where the doctor puts a needly through my belly, into my uterus to take a sample of the amniotic flluid that bean is swimming around in. By testing this they can find out everything about a baby, including viral illness's, and any chromosonal problems. Both the transfusion, and the amnio carry small but significant risks of miscarriage, which is why at this point - given our history, we are chosing to tread carefully. If it should turn out that Bean is diagnosed with either Trisomy 13 , or 18 - the obstetrician will push for a termination. These two conditions are "incompatible with life" which is heartbreaking for any person to hear. WE ARE NOT GOING TO TERMINATE. We need to make that very clear. Our baby will stay with us for as long as God wants, we will not decide to end his or her life. Currently, our plan of attack (as it were) is to have another high resolution ultrasound on Friday, to check out the fluid levels, and reasses the blood flow to major organs, particularly the brain. Providing, all is going well, we will have another scan on Monday. At this point, we are likely to have to decide on the amnio and transfusion. If by Monday there is ANY improvement in Beans condition, we may be able to safely hold off on both courses of action without any detriment to his long term health (if bub has Trisomy - obviously this will not change - the diagnosis will still remain a high risk of pre-term fetal death and we will have to fight VERY HARD for them to perform the transfusion should we want it, and bean need it again, later in the pregnancy) We do appologise for all the missed text messages and phone calls. Tonight for us, is about making some tough choices and hoping that as parents, they are the right ones. We dont want to do anything that will hurt our baby, but we just can't know what the right answer is. If you could pray for us for wisdom, that we can make the right choices, that would be awesome. On an end note, This is the easiest way we know of to spread the word, without having to physically call everyone, we'd love to talk to you all, but there is just to much other stuff going on. We're hoping to get some rest tonight, and to wake up with a better perspective on whats happening. In the meantime, we have to wait. And hope and pray. Thanks for all your support, your tears and your frustrations. Its lovely to know we have so many people who care enough to feel emotional for us. xoxoxo

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