Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fluid decreasing

blood flow back up too too high. *sigh*. I'm already over this roller coaster and you know, its only been almost three weeks since we got on it!

The one good thing is that Bean is 3 weeks bigger and stronger than he was when we first noticed the problem. Which means 3 weeks closer to viability, a short long, slow 8 weeks away.

If we can just get to that point, we can start to breathe a little easier. Because right now if things go haywire, the doctors will sit on their hands and watch our baby die, all while telling us about how "termination should have been an option for us". Sometimes they are so incredibly insensitive.

BUT positive thoughts, really, with the fluid going down, Bean is no worse than he/she has been so far. Just back in the not quite normal range.

And the other positive thing is that they have said we can wait till Monday to come back for another scan. 6 Days without a trip to the hospital!

More time for Lucy, and more time for us, as a family. This week anyway!

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