Saturday, January 30, 2010


I got five comments on my last post! Incredible, I didn't know five people regularly read me! Sounds sad doesn't it, some people get thousands, i'm just happy for five!! Thanks for de-lurking all, its nice to know who's out there!

So we're at the last night of our holidays, this time tomorrow, or thereabouts, we'll be back home, in our own beds, in our own shower (hooray for water pressure!!), and back into our old routine, minus the hospital appointments.

Its been a month since Ariana graced us with her presence "on the outside".

Also, tragically, It's been a year since precious Sammy grew his wings and went to heaven. Since that time, his family have endured birthdays, Easter, Mothers & Fathers days, and of Course Sammy's own first birthday, all without their special baby boy. They have also had a precious new baby, a beautiful baby girl named Gracee, who is the spitting image of her big brother, a touching reminder of who they are missing at these special events.

I'm sure, the pain never quite goes away. Even after a year, I know they feel it real, and raw, regularly. Sammy will always be on their minds, as I know Ariana will always be on ours. And while no loss can be compared to anyone elses, I strongly believe that theirs is probably worse, than ours. Because Sammy just went to bed, as a normal, happy 4 month old baby. He went to sleep, and simply never woke up again. Devastating. And totally, one hundred percent unseen, and unexpected. I'm quite certain, THAT would have killed me.

So if you're thinking of, and praying for my family, please think of the Fraser family this weekend as well, as they face the anniversary of One year without one of their very loved, and desperately missed children.

In other news, my ability to avoid sunburn has apparently left me. I'm all lobster-like at the moment, despite slathering on the sunscreen. But I also achieved the unthinkable - what i thought was a tan, which was in fact a bazillion new freckles... (yup, me too Mel!!) What one uses to HIDE freckles i don't know.

We've had a pretty awesome holiday, we've spent a lot of time in the pool, went to the beach a couple of times (but sand is icky), and spent WAY more money than we can afford to, but you only spend it once as my dad keeps saying!! We needed, and deserved this break, and we've had a brilliant time. We've had family come up and spend some time with us, we've had our best friends up to stay the night and drink up with us, our other best friends and their kids just walked out the door, and what a ball we had with them, despite the fact that they bought the terrible weather up with them lol.

The new year started kind of rocky for us. But today, is the 30th January. Tomorrow, on the last day of the month, we'll head home and start new on Monday. The first month of the year might have sucked. But we're determined to make sure that the rest of it is better, starting on the 1st of Feb 2010, with new and old friends, and family.

Happy New Year everyone. I know I'm late (by your standards) but ours is just starting. xo


Mum2five said...

Woo hoo! I get a mention lol. I can get over myself now. I am not taking the blame for the weather though! =)

Anonymous said...

I'm a frightfully new reader- discovered you through a comment you left at Gorillabuns. It just wrenched my heart, and I had to come and visit you.

I found that you are strong, courageous, funny, witty and balanced. May good things grace your life; you deserve only the very best.

Courtney said...

I also came across your blog through Gorillabuns. I'm truly sorry for the loss of your sweet girl. Though obviously I don't know you, your grace and strength as a mother to your two daughters shines through your writing.