Monday, February 1, 2010

Home is great,

except that its trashed and now I get to clean it up!

This week is going to be crazy. We've been home less than 24 hours, and we're already packing to leave again! Tuesday I'm getting coffee with an old friend - by old I mean school, Not old as in age!

Wednesday afternoon we're heading down to Coolongatta for the night with Dan and Lisa and Maddison. Should be a good night, especially since I already know Lisa is cooking roast pork (we fed her Pizza!!) oh yum. Friday I WILL catch up with Bec, I will, I Will, I Will, and then Friday night will be full of junk food and terrible movies! (Think hercules returns - now think worse!), with Mel and possibly Lucy.

Holidays are rather fabulous. Even if you're not AWAY from home.

Matt has to go back to work in two weeks, which is a tad crushing, he hates his job, and really does not want to go back there, but until he finds something else, he has to stick it out. I need to get a job anyway, and fast. I only have four weeks of centrelink grace left, and they WILL cut my CCB if I don't get something soon. I only need 15 hours a week, but ideally, would like around 30. So I'm trusting that God will send me something that suits what we need.

But for now, i have to buy some shoes. :)


Miss 84 said...

omg.. hercules returns is the bestest ever...was it I who introduced you to that greatness?

'I'll fight you on one condition.... that you lower your nipples'

Heidi said...

Mmmm, shoes. I LOVE shoes, too! And pizza! I usually serve pizza, too - so don't feel bad.


Mum2five said...

Matt can sit her with me and do nothing while we both try and suffer in occasional silence hehehe at least when he gets back I should have some sort of sanity again =) (and before you say anything, yes it is all about me haha)