Thursday, February 4, 2010

Much too much alcohol was consumed,

but we had a great time. We broke a glass, I cut my foot open, we sang loudly to terrible music, We ate junk and talked about random garbage. The beach is beautiful, too much sand for my personal preference, but Lucy loved it so much she bought half of it back to the apartment.

It really is beautiful down there. The only thing we probably could have hoped for was better weather, but in the end it hardly mattered anyway, we were too busy having a good time.

Thanks for letting us crash your family holiday guys x


Mel said...

Glad you had a good time. Nice pic too

seran said...

ahh glad you got loose :) pity about your foot tho

Anonymous said...

I didnt even know u took that photo, its a great shot! How's ur foot by the way? Hey I happen to think the food was good. :P. Thanks so much for coming, I really needed to just hang out with you guys. Much love xoxo