Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lets call him Wally, shall we?

Of course, that's not his name. But I'm going to call him that here (privacy and all that!)

So today, I went back to work. In childcare. Oh My.

"Wally, please do not hit your friends, Wally please take that out of your mouth, Wally, We do not flush rolls of toilet paper, Wally we do not drink out of the toilet, Wally please do not draw on the walls, Wally please come out of the kitchen, Wally Don't push her, that is not a nice way to treat a friend, Wally don't pinch him, hands are not for hurting, Wally I have asked you to please get off the fence, Wally why are you throwing the sand, Wally, please do not eat sand, Wally, Sit down, Wally do not rip the books, Wally come back inside, it is not time to go out, Wally come out of the rain, Wally please lie on your bed, Wally, stop kicking your friends, Wally stop punching the wall, Wally would you like to do a puzzle? If you don't want to do it that's fine, please don't throw it across the room, Wally, Wally, Wally, Freaking Wally!!

And that was in the first hour.

Oh My. I will not speak badly about the centre, after all, they are giving me hours, and trusting me with the children. The staff are beautiful. The women are lovely, very friendly, very helpful. It is a well designed centre.

It's just. Wally.

I am Exhausted.

In other news, You can also find me over here today.

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I know many of these Wallies!! @