Friday, March 12, 2010

Sharing the load


Do you share the load in your home, with your spouse? Fairly? Equally? Or do you divide what you do, depending on who is home what hours/days?

I personally, am a firm believer in if I'm home, then the household duties fall to me. It is up to me to make sure the dishes are washed, the house is tidy, the washing is done and put away. I'm home, so I do it. I don't mind cooking the bacon that my husband has paid for. But if i'm also working, if we're both paying for the bacon - we both cook it.

Others, don't have this idea. Some split the work 50/50 all the way, regardless of who's been doing what at work. Others again just do everything, regardless of what they have had to do that day/week/month, their spouses wont help out. Everyone is different.

I struggle to explain it sometimes. And then, this amazing woman, wrote this post.

You should read it.

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Anonymous said...

I went, I read, and I am back to thank you for offering that link- it is superbly well-written and should be required reading.